Timeline Events 1896

YYYY/MM/DDEventIndividual(s) Involved (or Location)SignificanceReference/Note
1896/06/06Letter to Uriah SmithWhite, Ellen(1) First stand on what "the law in Galatians" was; (2) Carefully worded statement of the "great measure/degree" to which Satan succeeded to that point in blocking the Loud Cry and the Latter Rain; (3) Dynamics of "the law in Christ" (connections to 1896/06/01 final portion of Prescott's sermon in The Bible Echo; see Armadale in the 1895 Timeline Table)Full letter in 1888 Materials 1574.1 - 1576.3. See also "Connections of the Midnight Cry of 1844 with the Loud Cry, and that with the Latter Rain" analyzing statements on the Latter Rain and Loud Cry 1854-1896.

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