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This is a master table of all my online files: name, date (last updated), description, formats, and side path on “The Story.” You may sort on any of the columns, and search for key words..

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File NameDateDescriptionPDFVisualAudioPath
1890-1901 Statements About God's Work Through Waggoner and Jones2014/07/20Collection and analysis of verbs in the present and present perfect tense regarding Waggoner and Jones during the dates noted.PDF
1949 Audio of Griggs, Shryock, McReynolds, Staines, Keller2014/04/02Camp Cedar Falls 1949 reminiscing of early workers listed1949 Audio #1
1949 Audio of Sutherland2014/04/02Camp Cedar Falls 1949 reminiscing of E. A. Sutherland1949 Audio #2
1949 Audio Transcription2014/04/02Transcription of Camp Cedar Falls 1949 audio recordingsPDF
Brief on the Faith of Jesus, A2017/01/29Examination of Bible Verses on the Faith of JesusPDF
Brother Miller's Dream With Notes by James White and Additional Notes by Fred Bischoff2014/06/25Reproduction and analysis of James White's 1850 pamphlet of William Miller's 1847 dream of a jewel casket (see Ellen White's book Early Writings pp. 81-83). Good summary of early events among Sabbath-keeping Adventists in late 1840s and early 1850s with connections to the end of the movement.PDF
Case of Edwin R. Jones, The2017/01/09Biographical information, letters from Ellen White; danger of extremesPDF
Connections of the Midnight Cry of 1844 with the Loud Cry, and that with the Latter Rain2014/06/25Analysis of statements on the Latter Rain and Loud Cry 1854-1896.PDF
Daily and Yearly in Salvation, The2015/12/05Two time elements revealed in the sanctuary, considered especially in Exodus, Hebrews, and Revelation, and the implications for our day.PDFTransition
Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, A2016/03/25John Adams' 1765 Essay on Religious and Civil Liberty, with annotationsPDF
Early SDA Writers on Women in the Church2015/06/21Collection of articles, documents, and statements on women and ministry in church.PDF
Ellen White on Three in Godhead2015/12/05List of 18 phrases from 1900 to 1909 Ellen White used to speak of the Three in the Godhead.PDFGodhead
Expanded Parallels of Fourth Kingdom in Daniel2016/11/11Comparisons of fourth kingdom over 4 visions in DanielPDF
Gender--From Creation Through Ordination2015/06/21My summary of thoughts on the principles related to gender and ordination.PDF
Gospel of the Covenant, The2014/06/07W. W. Prescott's 1936 series of articles on the Covenant.PDF
Hanging of History, The2014/04/14How do we hang history--who does it, how important, what about confusion, what is the setting?PDF
Heaven and Eternity2014/04/04How does one describe the immensity of the truths and principles entrusted to us? a word study from 1892-1913PDF
Historical Background and Context for the Statement
"We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget..."
2013/08/13Letter 32, 1892 written December 19, first use of "nothing to fear" statement, about church organizationPDF
Intensely Practical2014/04/04How practical is Religion and Christianity? a word study from 1892-1907PDF
Nature Above God?2017/05/30Does worshiping the Creator God preserve an understanding of His position above all He has created?PDF
One Interest ... One Subject2014/07/20Review and analysis of the uses of these phrases from 1890 to 1911.PDF
Peter and Forgiveness2016/09/18Probing the simple meaning of forgiveness through stories from Peter's life and observations from his epistlesPDF
Salvation2014/07/28Salvation in light of the Law and the Gospel, with brief evidences for three dimensions of salvation's process.PDF
Significance of 1844 in Light of the United States of America, The2016/03/25Liberty and tyranny in the New Testament, USA, and the Advent prophetic messagesPDFLecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4
Tidal Wave2014/08/07Review of this phrase from 1844 to 1901.PDF
"Till" in Revelation2016/11/11Eleven uses of words pointing in time to parts of judgment in RevelationPDF
Turn of the Twentieth Century2016/10/17Cryptic statements from 1889 to 1909 about the current crisis.PDF
Twenty Year Span of Statements on Seventh-day Adventist Identity2015/01/30Collection and summary of statements from 1890 to 1909 of what provides SDA identityPDF
Unity: at What Cost?2014/04/02What are you willing to pay for unity? a study of John 17, and eight principles we must know in their genuine, not counterfeit, formPDF of Slides;
PDF of Handout
Audio of Study
The Wrath of God In the Light of Love, Law, Sin and Death2016/11/17How does God's wrath fit with His love, His law, and with sin and death?PDF
Last Update: 10 August 2017