Timeline Events 1949

Camp Cedar Falls, California, June 1949. Two recordings of the individuals noted, reminiscing about their earlier years, how God had lead them, particularly the impact of the Spirit of Prophecy. (Original old wire recordings. Copied from tape, Dinsmore Recordings, Loma Linda, August 1980. Digitized by Curtis Farnham 10/29/04. It should be obvious the audio quality is not up to modern standards! Find a quiet place to listen, and consider playing them more than once. The transcript may help, but it a rough one with no editing done.)
1: Audio Talk #1: Professor Frederick Griggs, Dr. Shryock Sr. (Letter read by son), Dr. Mary McReynolds, Dr. Staines, Dr. Florence Keller
2: Audio Talk #2: Dr. E. A. Sutherland
Transcript of both (Courtesy of Dick Schaefer)

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