“The Truth” versus “the Lie”

Read “The Story”

–This is a brief meta-narrative of the past, present, and future, based on Scripture’s view of “the truth” and “the lie.”j0178537
“The Story” with endnotes (roots in Scripture)
“The Story” with side paths (connections to other studies I have posted)

Review “the truth” versus “the lie” in audio and slides

–If you have time to listen to only one talk, here is an overview of the theme using the same title as part 1 of the 10-part series below; this was given at the Advent Hope Sabbath School, Loma Linda University SDA Church, March 9, 2013.
“Jesus Introduces ‘the Truth'”      Audio      PDF of Slides

–If you have time to listen to the whole series, here is a 10-part lecture series given at Monterey Peninsula SDA Church, January 25-February 2, 2013.
01–“Jesus Introduces ‘the Truth'”      Audio      PDF of Slides
02–“Jesus Reveals ‘the Truth”      Audio      PDF of Slides
03–“‘The Truth’ Encounters ‘the Lie'”      Audio      PDF of Slides
04–“Fortress of ‘the Truth’ Against ‘the Lie'”      Audio      PDF of Slides
05–“Daniel Immersed in the Battle”      Audio      PDF of Slides
06–“‘The Truth’ vs. ‘the Lie’ in Daniel”      Audio      PDF of Slides
07–“Israel Rejects ‘the Truth'”      Audio      PDF of Slides
08–“Preaching ‘the Truth” in the New Testament”     Audio      PDF of Slides
09–“Final Kingdoms of ‘the Truth’ and ‘the Lie'”     Audio      PDF of Slides
10–“Final Witness to “the Truth”; End of ‘the Lie'”     Audio      PDF of Slides

Watch the 2-hour 3ABN Live program from 30 July 2015 highlighting the two principles.

The Sustainable Principle from The Beehive on Vimeo.

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