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Adventist Pioneer Library (aka APL) (APL is a service of LBM)

Main Web Site (currently webmaster, and Director of APL; part of the team that launched this project in 1988)

Advent Audio

Ellen G. White Estate (aka EGWE)

Online Writings (Ellen White and other Pioneers; multiple languages; APL is a business partner with the EGWE, in that we provide the non-EGW pioneer writings on this site)

Ellen White Information (old website: Estate Information)

Other Ellen White

Ellen White Audio

Light Bearers Ministry (aka LBM) (APL is a service of Light Bearers)

LBM Web Site
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Professor Carsten Johnsen’s Resources (e-Books, biography, bibliography, etc.; I launched this website in 2012 and have been the webmaster; these resources are now a service of LBM)

Pastor J. W. “Bill” Lehman’s Resources (audio, PDF; these resources are now a service of LBM)

Health Ministry Foundation Inc (aka HMF)

Corporation Web Site

1888 Message

1888 Message Study Committee (aka 1888MSC)
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Gospel Study Group
: Below is an alphabetical list of my papers posted on this site.
— Adventist History in Light of the Most Holy Place (PDF; October 2009)
— Adventism’s Mission (MOV; April 2010)
— Agape and Eschatology: The Sealing and the Shaking (PDF; March 2017)
— An Appeal for a Simple 3-Phase View (of salvation; PDF; May 2007)
— An Appeal for an Integrative, Process View of Salvation (PDF; October 2011)
— The Challenge We Face:  The Present Historical and Theological Issue (PDF; November 2005)
— Corporate Justification (PDF; April 2013)
— Corporate Solidarity in W. W. Prescott’s 1895 Sermons (PDF; December 2004)
— The Cross of Christ Revealing the Manifold Wisdom of God (PDF; March 2001)
— Ellen White and the Antitypical Day of Atonement (PDF; October 2010)
— The Eternal Godhead” in Light of the Trinity and SDA History (PDF; November 2012)
— An Evaluation of Covenant Concepts in Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology, Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, Vol. 12 (PDF; November 2002)
— An Evaluation of “Legal Universal Justification: Brief Description and Evaluation” (evaluation of a presentation by Angel Rodriguez, November 18, 2010 to the Adventist Theological Society Symposium, “Righteousness by Faith”; PDF; March 2014)
— Extract of a Review of The Mind of Christ (PDF; March 2015)
— Forgiveness and the Faith of Jesus:  Issues Related to Sin in the Light of the Law and Gospel (PDF; May 207)
— The Gospel Principles of Leadership and Early SDA History (PDF; October 2006)
How the Sanctuary Gives Sanctuary: Finding a Heart Experience of the Sanctuary (PDF; October 2016)
— The Humanity of Jesus in Light of Romans 7 (PDF; March 2009)`
— Jesus’ Identity and Victory in the Gospel (PDF; November 2008)
— Justification and the Faith of Jesus (PDF; October 2007)
 Key Concepts from Romans 3-4 and Galatians 2-3 (PDF; November 2001)
— Law and Gospel Hand in Hand: Faith of Jesus (PPT; October 2007)
— The Law in Christ (PDF; November 2012)
— The Mystical in Ellen White’s Writings (PDF; March 2015)
— New Testament Challenges and Responses in Facing End-Time Issues (PDF; March 2016)
— Old and New Covenants in Two Dimensions:  The Relationship of Faith and Blood (PDF; March 2002)
— The Present Truth in the End-Time (PDF; April 2010)
— Review of “Our Standing with God” by John Peters (PDF; February 2008)
— Sanctification and the New Covenant (PDF; November 2003)
— The Spectrum of “All His Benefits”–“All Spiritual Blessings” (PDF; October 2014)
— W. W. Prescott 1936 Covenant Articles (PDF of slides; April 2003)

Historical Articles I shared at the Gospel Study Group:
— A. T. Jones editorial RH4/18/1899 (new flesh or new spirit; PDF; November 2008)
The Divine Human Family, W. W. Prescott (in GC Bulletin 1895; PDF; September 2013)
— M. L. Andreasen’s Visit to Ellen White’s Home (in 1910; PDF; April 2010)
— “Wondrous Power in the Beginning of this Movement, the Minneapolis Message, and the Remedy of Repentance,” W. W. Prescott, Lest We Forget, Second Quarter 2010 (at 1901 GC Session; PDF; April 2013)

New England Pastor

Magazine Web Site: My articles posted there, located within the PDF files of full issues:
— A Matter of Confidence: Salvation through God’s Eyes—Part 1 (January/February 2009 Issue)
— A Matter of Confidence: Salvation through God’s Eyes—Part 2 (March/April 2009 Issue)
— “Not imputing their trespasses unto them”—Reflections on Corporate Justification (May/June 2011 Issue)

Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries Inc

ASI Web Site (HMF and LBM are members of ASI)
Material of mine on ASI’s web: Seminar entitled “Finishing Strong by Remembering the Past” (audio and video): tracing the principle of the faith of Jesus in evangelism in SDA history; look under “Evangelism” on this site of ASI Convention Media for 2011.

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