Timeline Events 1850

YYYY/MM/DDEventIndividual(s) Involved (or Location)SignificanceReference/Note
1850/05/00Pamphlet Brother Miller's DreamWhite, JamesRepublishes Miller's dream (also in 1882 Early Writings), with footnotes that gave White's interpretation, showing the dream covered from the beginning of the Advent Movement until its end.Code BMD in James White's collection (found in "Words of the Adventist Pioneers" on the Ellen G. White Comprehensive Research Edition CD-ROM, and online in the Adventist Pioneer Library at ). See also "Brother Miller's Dream With Notes by James White and Additional Notes by Fred Bischoff."
1850/11/10Article "The Laodicean Church"Bates, JosephApplies Laodicea to "the nominal Adventist" which became that in 1845 at the Albany conference. He repeated this in {December 1850 JWe, ARSH 23.4, 6, 12} and {August 5, 1851 JWe, ARSH 6.11}, {August 19, 1851 JWe, ARSH 14.1, 2}. James White repeated this in {February 1851 JWe, ARSH 47.6}, and in {July 9, 1851 JWe, ARSH 102.4, 6}Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, Vol. 1, No. 2, November 1850, pp. 7.18 to 8.16